Haricots Verts with Pignoli

This dish was inspired by our extended stay at the Westin in Sydney, Australia. The club lounge offered them every morning with breakfast.

Why use a bamboo steamer basket? Bamboo is less conductive than metal, which means food cooks with circulating steam, rather than from contact with the steamer itself. The beans cook evenly to a bright, beautiful green.

  • Servings: 2-4
  • Time: 0hr 25mins
  • Difficulty: Easy
Add an inch of water to a 12-inch tri-ply sauteuse/everyday pan. Bring to the boil over high heat while preparing beans (6-8 minutes). A bamboo steamer basket will set over the boiling water.
12 ounces green beans (harigots verts), tips angle snipped Add beans to a 10-inch bamboo steamer basket; cover with its lid. Place over the now boiling water; decrease heat to medium high. Steam just until the beans are tender and a brilliant shade of green (7-8 minutes). Remove basket, dispose of cooking water; transfer beans from the basket to the now empty pan (off heat). Meanwhile, toast the nuts. After steaming, the beans could be transferred to a mixing bowl, but reusing the pan reduces clean up.
1/4 cup pine nuts (pignoli), or cashews Spread evenly on a little toaster oven pan. Toast at 300°F just until fragrant (4-5 minutes), monitoring closely to avoid burning. Set aside. Toasting amplifies flavor and lightens texture, but pine nuts are easily burned.
1 teaspoon salted butter Add to beans, along with toasted pine nuts; toss to coat. Serve hot, warm, or cool. A light coat of butter just before serving freshens the flavor and adds dimension.


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