Cookbook - CONFIDENT in the KITCHEN

Explore my cookbook! My easy-to-read recipe format gives you all the tips and tricks you need to be “confident in the kitchen.”

Explore the third edition of my cookbook… expanded, revised, and improved. In it, I have included something for everyone, whether you love cooking or baking, savory or sweet, comfort cuisine or fashionable fair.

Our kids say the cookbook is really like a journal, capturing special relationships and adventures along the way. That is so true! Each recipe is a journey back in time and space. I believe that when we cook and bake with each other, we connect on a deeper level, sharing traditions and experiences, and making memories to last a lifetime.

When we feel “confident in the kitchen” we are more likely to seek out and enjoy those experiences with one another. I hope that the recipes in the CONFIDENT in the KITCHEN will give you the information that you need to fearlessly embrace new culinary adventures with your friends and family.

Jean Miller


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