SPANISH OMELET Servings: 2-4 Time: 0hr 30mins Difficulty: Easy Print My nephew, Nicholas, married a delightful woman named Patri, who was raised in the Canary Islands. With her she brought this wonderful recipe from her mother, and I feel quite privileged that she took the time to show me how to make it, step by…


KA’AK Servings: 20-30 Time: 3hr 30mins Difficulty: moderate Print Our friend Cynthia Aziz shared this Lebanese “street food” recipe, which originated from her great aunt. It has a wonderful undertone from the subtle addition of spices, including mahlab (mah-lab), which is actually ground cherry pits. Mahlab can be found in Mediterranean markets.


After making pastry cream for years, I found a forgotten box of Jello vanilla pudding in the back of the pantry. It brought up fond memories from my childhood, and so I pulled it out and mixed it up.


My mom used to make this every Thanksgiving for my dad. As a child, I peeled the crusts from store-bought bread, buttered each slice, sprinkled seasonings over top, and then helped tear up the pieces. When Dane and Jessi were little I had them do the same.