Goulash in Prague

Goulash in Prague 5 (12)

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2023 Prague, Czechia: The goulash in Prague tastes as good as it looks, and you absolutely must try it when you visit because it is celebrated as traditional fare. It is nothing like the goulash I grew up with in the Midwest. Those memories involve thick concoctions of meat and pasta in a heavy tomato sauce. There MIGHT have even been some ketchup involved!

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Truffles in Istria 4.8 (16)

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2021 Istria, Croatia: Mark and I set double alarms to ensure we did not miss our opportunity to learn about truffles in Istria. We laced up our boots and met our Eat Istria guide, Goran. Hopping into his car, we headed north towards Motovun with great anticipation.

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Looking for Mr Wong

Looking for Mr Wong 5 (18)

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2015 Sydney, Australia: Mark and I are on a mission, looking for the elusive Mr Wong. It’s not as easy as you might think. We read about its legendary menu and carefully plot 3 Bridge Ln on Google Maps. But, Mark and I began to doubt our sanity as we walked up and down the alley trying to locate the door.

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