Panzanella Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

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Panzanella (pahn-zah-NELL-la) is a practical Italian dish transforming stale bread into a delicious salad. Traditionally it is made entirely from cold ingredients, but we like a roasted layer topped with a contrast of chilled. Mark said that it’s “like” salad, but without all the “boring” stuff. Ironically, a minute later he suggested it would be good over spinach leaves. I think I may be cracking his anti-vegetable platform.

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Deviled Eggs Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

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Mark and I both grew up with a lot of deviled eggs. Years later, every time we went home for big family gatherings, it was a guarantee that there would be a couple of variations waiting at the buffet. Our favorite type is one with a bit of heat, a little crunch, and a touch of tang. Pieces of egg yolk should still be visible under the sprinkle of paprika. Texture and tang are essential for a memorable deviled egg.

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Mozzarella Kumato Salad Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

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This Mozzarella Kumato Salad is a delight. When Mark and I were in Sydney, Australia, in 2015, we decided to try the Dining Room, Park Hyatt, known for its waterfront view of the Sydney Opera House. The waiter seated us a table away from the gorgeous windows, but a local patron graciously offered to switch with us so that we might enjoy an uninterrupted view. It was fabulous! Our dinner started with a memorable mozzarella appetizer, inspired by the traditional Italian Insalata Caprese, but with a twist. This is my home-style version, featuring a delightful, brown tomato called a kumato.

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Sauteed Kale Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

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Sauteed kale is a quick and easy side or an excellent addition to salads, pasta, or the protein of your choice. Sometimes we throw a few cranberries into the mix to add a punch of flavor. The trick is to cook it quickly and get it off the stove before it fully wilts. If you follow that one simple rule, you will always enjoy vibrant green leaves with a tender texture. Give it a try!

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Crab Meat Salad Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

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This salad calls to me. The moment I think of it, the cravings begin. It is light and flavorful… truly a treat. We used to make a mayonnaise-based dressing, but it was loaded with calories and not as creamy as I would like. Substituting yogurt for most of the mayo was a perfect solution.

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Southern Spoonbread Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

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This southern spoonbread is fabulous. When we moved to Charlotte, we discovered that our church organized dinner groups, so we signed up to meet new people. It is a beautiful way to make new friends while sharing favorite foods. Our friend Teri brought this Southern comfort food to one of our dinners, and it was an immediate hit. We may have even guiltily scraped the dish clean. Here is my lightened version, which depends on yogurt to deliver the desired texture and flavor without all the calories.

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