Hong Kong Street Food 5 (16)

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2015 Hong Kong: Mark and I drag our jetlagged bodies to the front desk of our hotel seeking information about Hong Kong street food. A lovely, petite young woman greets us. As is typical for us, we start the conversation with a warm greeting and a bit of small talk, followed by the inevitable question.

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Sydney, Australia Paddys Market Spices

Paddys Market in Sydney 4.7 (22)

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2015 Sydney, Australia: Paddys Market in Sydney, Australia. Oh, how I love thee.

You might think I am joking, but I assure you I am not. I have incredibly fond memories of pulling my little blue trolley behind me, exploring rows of colorful spices, fresh fruit and vegetables… and mushrooms of every shape and size.

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Sydney Street Food

Sydney 4.9 (49)

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2015 Sydney, Australia: Sydney, Australia, is on my mind. And now, looking at this beautiful street food, it is on your mind, too! Mark and I were fortunate enough to enjoy three delicious months there, all filled with memories of food, culture, and fantastic weather.

How did that incredible opportunity come about? It was another career opportunity for Mark. I was in Charlotte, testing away in my kitchen (where else?) when I got a call from him asking, “So what do you think about a temporary relocation in Sydney?”

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