Crab Meat Salad Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Crab Meat Salad 4.7 (59)

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This salad calls to me. The moment I think of it, the cravings begin. It is light and flavorful… truly a treat. We used to make a mayonnaise-based dressing, but it was loaded with calories and not as creamy as I would like. Substituting yogurt for most of the mayo was a perfect solution.

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Hummus Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Hummus 4.8 (25)

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Hummus is fantastic food. Not only is it incredibly tasty, but it also makes a complete protein (like meat) because it combines a legume (chickpeas) with a seed (sesame). We have never been vegetarians, but this is so good, I can almost envision it as possible. You can use canned chickpeas in a pinch. However, they cost more, and the canning liquid is often thick with additives. Can you guess that I am in favor of the dried?

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