Hoppin John Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Hoppin John 4.8 (42)

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Hoppin John is a Southern tradition. The peas represent coins, and the greens represent dollars… and serving with cornbread symbolizes gold. Eating it on New Year’s Day is believed to ensure luck and prosperity for the whole new year. This year Mark and I officially became Southerners with our first batch of Hoppin John! We made it the night before to enjoy it first thing in the morning.

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Sweet Potato Pie Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Sweet Potato Pie 4.9 (22)

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When testing Sweet Potato Pie, I asked for feedback from my southern friend, Bernard, who knows how sweet potato pie should really taste. One of the first ingredients to go was cloves. I made adjustments and baked off little ramekin samples until he assured me that it was just right. It’s southern goodness in a crust. Thanks, Bernard!

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Sauteed Kale Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Sauteed Kale 4.8 (24)

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Sauteed kale is a quick and easy side or an excellent addition to salads, pasta, or the protein of your choice. Sometimes we throw a few cranberries into the mix to add a punch of flavor. The trick is to cook it quickly and get it off the stove before it fully wilts. If you follow that one simple rule, you will always enjoy vibrant green leaves with a tender texture. Give it a try!

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Southern Spoonbread Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Southern Spoonbread 4.9 (38)

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This southern spoonbread is fabulous. When we moved to Charlotte, we discovered that our church organized dinner groups, so we signed up to meet new people. It is a beautiful way to make new friends while sharing favorite foods. Our friend Teri brought this Southern comfort food to one of our dinners, and it was an immediate hit. We may have even guiltily scraped the dish clean. Here is my lightened version, which depends on yogurt to deliver the desired texture and flavor without all the calories.

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