Kale with Glazed Chicken Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Kale with Glazed Chicken 4.8 (40)

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This Kale with Glazed Chicken was inspired by a salad that Mark and I enjoyed at Peli Peli in the spring of 2018 between visiting friends in Houston, Texas. Guava has a flavor that is a cross between strawberry and pear. If guava preserves are too hard to find, strawberry works just fine. Sometimes we like to add a little crumbled goat cheese.

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Butter Chicken with Cilantro Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Butter Chicken with Cilantro 4.9 (42)

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This Butter Chicken with Cilantro will knock your socks off! In 2009, Mark taught a class in India, and so we added a few days of vacation. We visited our friends Ed and Greta in Hyderabad and then flew on to Bangalore (Bengaluru) for the remainder of the week. Our love of flavorful, spicy food made every day a culinary adventure. Years later, to our surprise, we discovered a fantastic butter chicken at Essex, a restaurant just a few blocks from our condo in Charlotte. After countless orders, we finally decided to try making it at home. If you love Indian food, you have to give this a try.

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Turkey Dressing Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Turkey Dressing 4.9 (74)

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My mom used to make this Turkey Dressing every Thanksgiving for my dad. As a child, I peeled the crusts from Wonder Bread, buttered each slice, sprinkled seasonings on top, and then helped tear up the pieces. When Dane and Jessi were little, I had them do the same. Over the years my method evolved. I began using my homemade Bread from Heaven, and inevitably variations emerged. There is just one constant. Thanksgiving is absolutely not Thanksgiving until this dressing is on the table. Miss you, Mom and Dad. Always.

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Glazed Chicken Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Glazed Chicken 4.8 (8)

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Glazed chicken is extra tasty and incredibly tender. For a quick meal, throw it on a bed of spinach, or spoon it over rice. It pairs beautifully with an easy side, such as Corn And Tomato Fiesta Salad, Herbed Whipped Potatoes, or Blanched Broccoli. It’s the new fast food. For a nice variation try topping with Macerated Cranberries, or adding a handful of toasted pine nuts and thinly sliced red onion.

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Quick Roast Turkey Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Quick Roast Turkey 4.9 (34)

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Why Quick Roast Turkey? Roasting a turkey at the typical 325°F takes forever, and it ties up the oven right when it needs to be available for the rest of the meal. All those hours under heat take their toll, and you’ll frequently find yourself apologizing to everyone with “Well… I think the breast turned out a little dry.” At 375°F, it is an entirely different story. The bird gets crispy on the outside but remains moist on the inside. Once you discover how easy this is, you will wonder why you ever did it any other way. For the most attractive presentation, select a bird with the breast skin intact to cover the breast meat completely.

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