Naan Na'an Bread Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Naan (Na’an) 4.9 (47)

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Do you love naan (na’an)? When Mark and I visited Bangalore (Bengaluru), India, in 2009, we enjoyed all kinds of local fare, but one experience was particularly memorable. While taking in the delicious aromas at one of the local restaurants, I was mesmerized by the skill with which the cook fearlessly slapped the dough up against the blazing hot inner wall of a tandoor oven. Eventually, our eyes met, and he motioned for me to come around into the kitchen for a closer look. After a couple of batches, he invited me to give it a try, but I must admit that my sense of adventure failed me as I gazed into that raging fire. Instead, I learned to make it at home in my comfortable kitchen!

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Butter Chicken with Cilantro Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Butter Chicken with Cilantro 4.9 (42)

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This Butter Chicken with Cilantro will knock your socks off! In 2009, Mark taught a class in India, and so we added a few days of vacation. We visited our friends Ed and Greta in Hyderabad and then flew on to Bangalore (Bengaluru) for the remainder of the week. Our love of flavorful, spicy food made every day a culinary adventure. Years later, to our surprise, we discovered a fantastic butter chicken at Essex, a restaurant just a few blocks from our condo in Charlotte. After countless orders, we finally decided to try making it at home. If you love Indian food, you have to give this a try.

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Hummus Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Hummus 4.8 (25)

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Hummus is fantastic food. Not only is it incredibly tasty, but it also makes a complete protein (like meat) because it combines a legume (chickpeas) with a seed (sesame). We have never been vegetarians, but this is so good, I can almost envision it as possible. You can use canned chickpeas in a pinch. However, they cost more, and the canning liquid is often thick with additives. Can you guess that I am in favor of the dried?

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