Spaetzle Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Spaetzle 4.8 (42)

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Spaetzle (SHPEHT-sluh), is the U.S. spelling and pronunciation for German spätzle. The first time we tried it, our friend Michelle served it for dinner at her house. Then, while visiting Charleston in 2017, Mark and I ordered Chicken Schnitzel & Herb Spaetzle at a restaurant called 1Kept. That did it. I had to explore making it at home.

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Roasted Kielbasa and Potatoes Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Roasted Kielbasa and Potatoes 4.9 (23)

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Roasted Kielbasa and Potatoes is one of our favorite inherited German family recipes. In the early 1900s, my grandparents and Mark’s great-grandparents all settled in the same tiny rural community of Paxico, Kansas. It was such a strong German/Polish immigrant community that many of the “old folk” never bothered to learn English. Hard work necessitated hearty food, and this one sure fits the bill!

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