Baby Spinach Feta Salad Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Baby Spinach Feta Salad 4.8 (44)

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Baby spinach is wonderful. Growing up, the only place we could find it was in our garden. Thankfully, it is now available at any grocery store, and so unless I am making a Ceasar salad, I typically ignore the iceberg lettuce and head straight for the “real” greens. The feta plays satisfyingly well against the crunch of the peppers and the roasted onions. Serve it as a light lunch, or as a tasty side.

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Bleu Cheese Pignoli Salad Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Bleu Cheese Pignoli Salad 4.7 (19)

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I’m not sure this bleu cheese pignoli salad actually counts as a recipe… it’s more of an inspiration. I love to grow alfalfa sprouts, and they crown this salad beautifully. Great flavor doesn’t have to be complicated. Know what you like, and bring together those combinations. If you love bleu cheese, a few crumbled ounces can add a burst of flavor to a salad, a burger, or even open-faced sandwiches. Get creative!

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Creme Brulee Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Creme Brulee 4.7 (11)

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Mark loves creme brulee. Years ago, I tried making it at home but was overwhelmed by the quantity the recipe produced. Then I started experimenting with downsizing and discovered that it is incredibly easy. What’s the key? A teeny, tiny pan. It makes two servings in traditional shallow ramekins, or four if you use little tempered glass serving containers. I use heat resistant votive holders. It’s an innovative way to offer bite-sized portions to friends at gatherings.

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