Shrimp Jambalaya Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Shrimp Jambalaya 4.8 (34)

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What is Shrimp Jambalaya? It is a one dish vegetable and rice dish comprised of a variety of pork, chicken, or seafood carried in a sauce of tomato or broth. Gumbo is similar, but is typically served over rice and based on a roux, a brown sauce thickened with filé (FEE-lay) or okra. Everyone seems to have a regional family favorite version. The first time I made jambalaya, we were hosting a big parish dinner, and I failed to peel the shrimp. Once we realized the mistake, we all just laughed, picked them from our bowls and peeled them at the table. Mistakes can be funny ice breakers… just roll with them!

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Lasagna Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Lasagna 4.7 (24)

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The first time I saw lasagna prepared, it was at my friend Scarlett’s house in the mid-1990s. As she pulled all those noodles from the boiling water and placed them neatly on waxed paper, I was both impressed and intimidated, realizing I needed an easier way. As it turns out, dry noodles layered with the sauce in the lasagna pan is incredibly easy. I use canned crushed tomatoes for their predictable moisture content. It not only guarantees that the noodles will cook to al dente, but that the dish will set up to the desired level of firmness.

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Craisin and Butternut Squash Recipe-Confident in the Kitchen-Jean Miller

Craisin Ham Butternut Squash 4.9 (21)

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After I finished testing this recipe, I made it again and again over the next three days. It was absolutely addictive. The butter and brown sugar glaze creates a subtle sweetness, while the cranberries and ham add a beautiful contrast of tart and savory. There are simply not enough meals in a day.

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