In 2005, we enjoyed an amazing portabella sandwich at a little bistro called The Village Corner, in the beautiful town of Carmel, California. In the years since, Mark and I have tried to find its equal, only to be disappointed with lack of flavor and inferior bread. Eventually we gave up the search and decided to start making them at home. They always make me think of that lovely day we had in Carmel, California.

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Shrimp Jambalaya

What is jambalaya? It is basically a one dish vegetable and rice dish comprised of a variety of pork, chicken and/or seafood carried in a sauce of tomato or broth. Gumbo is similar, but is typically based in a roux, which is a brown sauce thickened with filé (FEE-lay) or okra. It is then served over rice. Continue reading “SHRIMP JAMBALAYA”


Hotter Than Hades Salsa

1997 was the year of the salsa (no, I am not referring to the dance). After every batch, Mark asked “Can you make it hotter?” That is, until this version. He took in a big scoop, wiped the perspiration from his brow and gasped “Oh. This one is just right!” If you can’t take the heat, just use milder peppers. For a garden fresh version, serve straight from the blender without cooking.

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