Discovering Congee in Hong Kong

A lovely thing happened this weekend.

My husband and I were staying at the Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel, which sports a wonderful club lounge serving authentic local cuisine alongside Western dishes to appeal to every palate. I quickly found myself drawn to a steaming pot of beautiful, creamy white congee, which I chose to top with thin slices of green onion and fried toasts.


By the third day I knew I had to learn more about this wonderful comfort food, and so I approached the Guest Services Officer, Alex Wong, hoping to understand the local method. What happened next made my heart swell with amazement and gratitude.

As we finished our coffee, Alex came over to tell me that he was going to call down to the hotel kitchen to obtain the actual recipe for me. Shortly thereafter he delivered typed instructions supplemented with his own handwritten tips.


I was overwhelmed, but little did I realize that his kindness would go much further. That evening, we entered our room after a long day of sightseeing, and upon the desk I spied a gift of beautiful bottles filled with chrysanthemum honey beverages. Beside those were sesame cookies and little candies… and then my eyes widened as I discovered a lovely note from Alex accompanied by a beautiful bag filled with rice samples.


Is that not an amazing story? Now that I am back home, I plan to experiment and capture the recipe in my “what you need, what to do… and why” format so that I can share it with you. I hope that you will enjoy making it as much as you will enjoy savoring it. It is truly Hong Kong comfort food.

Thank you, Alex Wong! You are an amazing person.