Basil is a lovely plant, and quite easy to grow. I tuck it around my flower pots, so that I can snip away to my heart’s content. The flavor is best when harvested before the plant has gone to seed. To keep the plant attractive, snip healthy leaves above side branching stems. Place the harvested bunch into a vase of cold water until ready to use… it makes a very attractive bouquet.
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Muesli (MUSE lee) is an incredibly popular Australian breakfast staple. The first time I joined Mark in Sydney for a temporary relocation, we lived at the Westin for over a month. Every morning the club lounge served a bountiful breakfast bar, but eventually we found ourselves drawn to this healthy choice. Served over yogurt, it is a perfect start to the day!

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Avocado Remoulade
Remoulade (ray moo LAHD) is incredibly easy to make, and yet quite elegant as an accompaniment to fish and frittatas. Continue reading “AVOCADO REMOULADE”



Hummus is an amazing food. Not only is it incredibly tasty, it provides a complete protein (like meat) because it combines a legume (chickpeas) with a seed (sesame). We have never been vegetarians, but this is so good, I can almost envision it as possible.

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Hotter Than Hades Salsa

1997 was the year of the salsa (no, I am not referring to the dance). After every batch, Mark asked “Can you make it hotter?” That is, until this version. He took in a big scoop, wiped the perspiration from his brow and gasped “Oh. This one is just right!” If you can’t take the heat, just use milder peppers. For a garden fresh version, serve straight from the blender without cooking.

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