Why “Eating Adventures”?

Because Mark and I pretty much judge the quality of our day in terms of “A Good Food Day” or “A Bad Food Day.” That may seem pretty shallow, but hey, you have to have standards in life.

Right now, Sydney, Australia, is on my mind.

Why? My niece Jenna texted me yesterday to say she is thinking about signing up as an exchange student next year, and she wanted to know my thoughts about the food, culture, and weather.

That brought back a flood of memories for me. Three delicious months of memories, to be exact. I was in my kitchen (where else?) when I got a call from Mark saying, “So what do you think about a temporary relocation in Sydney, Australia?”

Did he have to ask?

Upon arrival, the first impression was Florida meets London. Palm trees in a Hyde Park complete with a St. Mary’s Cathedral.

St. Mary's Cathedral in Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia

We took the first opportunity to walk the streets exploring the street food options and searching for the local markets. When street food looks this good, you know every day is going to be a “Good Food Day.”

Eating Adventures

I will leave you for now. More Eating Adventures to come…

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